Timmons, Ontario

Timmons, Ontario

Timmins is a city in northeastern Ontario, Canada and is one of 11 communities to participate in RNIP.

The Timmins RNIP is spearheaded by the Timmins Economic Development Corporation and the various partners involved in the Timmins Employer Council.

Community Requirements for Employers

In order to participate in the Pilot in Timmins, the employer must:

  • have an active business in Timmins for at least 2 years. Special exceptions may be made to incorporated businesses or organizations that have been in operation for at least two years and that have recently expanded or relocated to Timmins by demonstrating physical or human capital investments in the community of over $100,000.00;
  • not have any outstanding orders made against him/her under the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000 or the Occupational Health and Safety Act;
  • not be in violation of the Immigration, Refugee and Protection Act (IRPA) or Immigration, Refugee and Protection Regulations.
  • not have outstanding penalties or charges with the City of Timmins Planning & Building department, and that both property taxes and water and sewer accounts are current with no past due balances.
  • offer a genuine job offer co-signed by the candidate that meets the requirements of the Ministerial Instructions
  • Attest that he/she is confident that the individual is reasonably able to carry out the functions of the job offer;
  • show that he/she has not received any form of payment in exchange for the job offer;
  • demonstrate their efforts to recruit a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident prior to providing the job offer.

Community Requirements for Applicants

  • Applicant has an offer of employment in one of the 4 priority NOC groups: 10 points
  • Applicant has obtained full-time (30 hours or more per week) paid work experience within the boundaries of Timmins for a minimum of 6 months: 5 points
  • Applicant is graduated from a public post-secondary institution in Timmins: 5 points
  • Applicant is currently residing and have resided within the boundaries of Timmins for at least one 6 month prior to the launch of the RNIP or 6 months prior to submitting the application for community recommendation: 10 points
  • Applicant has obtained at least a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) and/or “Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens” level 4 in language proficiency across all skills in both official languages: 10 points
  • Applicant has a family member or friend who is a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen and has lived in Timmins for a minimum of one year: 10 points
  • Applicant has visited Timmins for a least one 1 night of stay in the past 5 years: 5 points
  • Applicant’s spouse or common law partner:
  • has received a valid job offer from an eligible Timmins employer: 10 points
  • have a minimum 2 years of full-time and continuous work experience in one of the priority NOC group: 5 points
  • have English or French language abilities that exceed CLB or NCLC level 4 in all modules: 5 points
  • has submitted second language test results demonstrating a CLB or NCLC level 4 or higher in all categories: 5 points

Eligible Sectors & Occupations

Healthcare & Social Work

  • NOC 3012: Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
  • NOC 3413: Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates
  • NOC 3233: Licensed practical nurses
  • NOC 3112: General practitioners and family physicians
  • NOC 4152: Social Workers
  • NOC 4214: Early childhood educators and assistants
  • NOC 4212: Social and community service workers
  • NOC 4412: Home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations
  • NOC 3111: Specialist Physicians

Trades (licensed or unlicensed)

  • NOC 7312: Heavy duty equipment mechanics
  • NOC 7321: Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics and mechanical repairers
  • NOC 7311: Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics
  • NOC 7611: Construction trades helpers and laborers
  • NOC 7237: Welders and related machine operators
  • NOC 7271: Carpenters
  • NOC 7241: Electricians
  • NOC 7251: Plumbers
  • NOC 7511: Transport Truck Drivers
  • NOC 7521: Heavy equipment operators
  • NOC 7535: Other transport equipment operators and related maintenance workers
  • NOC 8231: Underground production and development miners
  • NOC 8614: Mine Laborers
  • NOC 941: Machine operators and related workers in mineral and metal products processing and manufacturing
  • NOC 943: Machine operators and related workers in pulp and paper production and wood processing and manufacturing

Business Administration

  • NOC 111: Auditors, accountants and investment professionals
  • NOC 121 Administrative services supervisors
  • NOC 1311: Accounting technicians and bookkeepers
  • NOC 0621: Retail and wholesale trade managers
  • NOC 063: Managers in food service and accommodation

Information Technology

  • NOC 0213: Computer and information systems managers
  • NOC 2147: Computer Engineers
  • NOC 2171: Information systems analysts and consultants
  • NOC 2172: Database analysts and data administrators
  • NOC 2173: Software engineers and designers

Open NOC (max of 10 applicants)

*Applicants with a job offer not listed above will be considered only at the discretion of the Community Recommendation Committee.

  • High skill level occupations such as engineers, veterinarians, chefs, and cooks are examples of jobs being considered under the Open NOC.

Application Process

Step 1: Meet the IRCC Federal Eligibility Requirements

Step 2: Secure full-time permanent employment in Timmins in one of the eligible sectors or occupations

Step 3: The TEDC will prioritize applicants who can contribute to the local economy and who are likely to settle and reside in Timmins for the long-term and contribute to the local economy. The highest scoring candidates will then be further assessed for recommendation.

Step 4: Submit a complete applications for community recommendation

The complete submitted applications will then be reviewed by the Steering Committee on a monthly basis. Applicants meeting the eligibility and community recommendation requirements and with the highest score will receive a formal community recommendation.

Once the applicant receives a formal community recommendation from the TEDC, it will be valid for a period of 6 months.

Applicant will then submit his/her Permanent Residence application to IRCC.

Step 5: Once applicant and his/her family (if applicable) received their permanent residence from IRCC; they will be asked to communicate with the Timmins Economic Development Corporation and share details and timelines to relocate to Timmins.

A Local representative will arrange to welcome the applicant who will assist applicant in community integration activities upon arrival in Timmins.